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My name is Miss Ryan and I am so excited to be your very first teacher! We are going to do so many fun things this year and we are going to soak up our curriculum like sponges!  Would you like to know a little more about me? Here are a few of my favorite things:

Food – Sushi

Book – Where the Sidewalk Ends

Cartoon – Looney Tunes

Hobbies – Adventure and Travel

Things to Do – Spending Quality Time with Family

I am looking forward to getting to know you and learning all about your favorite things this year. Parents, I will be posting about what we’re working on and sharing pictures of the little kiddos in action!


Miss Ryan

George Washington Visits


Amazing Words Vocabulary: Blacksmith, soldier, barn, sprinted, celebration, and arch.

Historical Fiction





F is for…


Un – Not

Re – Again

Pre – Before

Q3 Sight Words: All, one, zero they, you, of, two, are, that, do, four, five, not, six, seven, had, has, and eight.

Centers: Sight Word Bowling, Reading Camp, Ending Sounds Worksheet, Sight Word Play Doh, Rhyming Sounds Puzzles, and Who/What/Where Storytelling.


Alphabet Flip Books/Writers/Composition Books for Sentences

Share Bags –Show and Tell Prompts for Speech Standards

Sign Language Verb/Noun/Preposition (nonverbal answers).

CVCs – Magnetic Letters Sound Out and Read Aloud

Plural Nouns - s/es/ies

Doreen Cronin Unit

Author Biography

Doreen Cronin Analysis Worksheet – Facts vs. Opinions

The Seven Continents Unit

Cardinal Order: North, South, East, and West.

Northern/Southern Hemisphere


Video/Open Discussion/Art Project Banda Masks

Story Time


Happy Birthday JazLyn!!


Little Panda


Discussion: Amazing Words vocabulary, author/photographer, main idea, characters, setting, plot, and retelling Little Panda.

Reading in Reading Street Skills Buddy 

Sight Words:  All, one, zero they, you, of, two, are, that, do, four, five, not, and six.

Share Bags - The kids are enjoying speaking in front of the class and calling on friends for questions and compliments.

D  is for... Word Art

E is for... Word Art

Sight Word Play-Doh

Sight Word Search in Books

Eastern/Western Hemisphere

Introduction to the Continents

Sentence Building - Cut and Paste/Writing Activity

Letter Writing Flip Books/Composition Books (sentence composition)

Plural Nouns/Proper Nouns

Noun/Verb/Preposition Charades 

Word Spies - Sounding out and spelling CVC words.

Middle Vowel Find - CVCs

Where Does It Belong? Categorizing Game

Sight Word Bowling

Blends/Digraphs/Rhyming Words

Cut and Paste Story Sequencing

Sight Word Bowling

Reading Camp - Reading Street Readers

Advanced - 1st Grade Nonfiction Passages/Short Hand Comprehension Q&A

Story Time

Cute Pics – Have a great weekend! 

Fiction v. Nonfiction

Students are learning about different types of literature. Fiction books that tell stories and nonfiction books that give information. Bear Snores On is a fiction about animals hibernating together in a bear’s den. A Bed For The Winter is a nonfiction that teaches students about animals and the homes they make for winter.


Social Studies Unit: World Hemispheres, Geographic Cardinal Order, and Continents.

We have started with geographic cardinal order and the Western Hemisphere. We watched fun videos that use kinesthetic prompts to learn about North, South, East, and West. Then we viewed real satellite footage of the Western Hemisphere. Students were very interested and noticed weather patterns. When we colored our paper Western Hemisphere for our art project, some learners actually added wind symbols that looked like little tornados. I didn’t ask them to do that so that was really impressive to me. We pasted them on our planet, Earth, in which we painted on round, paper plates.


Share Bags for Speech Standards with Q&A

Students are working on their speaking skills with our Share Bag Activity. When your child comes home with the Share Bag, it will contain directions. This is a fun way to get students talking and we’ve especially enjoyed all of the homemade shares!


Sight Words

Semester 1: I, am, the, little, to, a, red, blue, have, is, purple, yellow, we, my, like, green, at, as, orange, he, for, white, in, it, brown, me, with, she, pink, by, an, can, black, see, look, gray, and, did.

Q3: All, one, zero, they, you, of, off.


Alphabet Art: A is for…

Students write out, “A is for,” adding a word beginning with A. They also enjoy illustrating their word choice. Some students add multiple words.


College Talk and Whole Group Role Playing

Working on mastering nouns, verbs, propositions, and sentence grammar rules through verbal and kinesthetic activities.


Wintry Wishes. May this season bring you the gifts of peace, hope and joy.


Our winter break is upon us! Happy holiday wishes to all of my students, parents, family members, and valued caregivers. We have been listening to legendary Vince Guardaldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas music and making ornaments .. for you! The snow day has prevented students from bringing you their gifts in which they had intended to give to you. This may have upset some, please reassure them that they will be able to give you a belated gift this season that will be on your trees for years to come as valuable keepsakes. In fact, I was telling them about mine…

My son was in the 1st grade and now he’s fourteen. I look to be a kinder and a second grader. I hope your little ones have theirs as long as I’ve had mine! Due to the fragility of your children’s ornaments, I do wish to keep them with me until you’re able to pick them up or send them home with an older sibling. I will send a printed memo home about this. The quarter is soon to draw to a close. If you’re busy, I’ll store them until our meeting. It’s coming around the corner and I don’t want your kiddos handling those ornaments without supervision. Once they’re on the bus, I’m not able to care for them.

For academics, I would like to invite you to be an audience member of our popular, “College Talk.” Please welcome…The Elephants!

College Talk – Whole brain thinking putting nouns, verbs, prepositions, and sight words together to make and read a sentence using speech to articulate a complete thought. Nonverbal cues: The clap indicates capitalizing the first letter of the sentence. The screeching brakes indicates a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence.

Students are also currently taking the Sight Word Challenge. I have taught students 37 words with a few more to go before the second quarter ends. Students who are able to read the list of sight words on the board all by themselves with no more than one mistake earns a nifty hologram sticker or a piece of candy. They deserve extra kudos for listening and wanting to learn, they work so hard.

I, am, the, little, to, a, red, blue, have, is, purple, yellow, we, my, like, green, at, as, orange, he, for, white, in, it, brown, me, with, she, pink, by an, can, black, see, look, gray, and, did.

This is a popular challenge. It’s hard to turn cute, little raised hands away and I have learned to limit participants to no more than 3-4 per day or we get behind schedule! I write their names on the board so they take turns getting to go and we had been recording 8 winners a day! There will be no stopping them soon as they begin recognizing print everywhere. Like words off of your texts having recognized blends or phrases on billboard ads having comprehended digraphs. My little niece began texting on her own by the 1st grade.

Reading Groups

Advanced: I gave a small number of students a diagnostic assessment for advanced reading work. The group began with 3 as others were too shy to shine quite yet. I began letting a bright little girl read her book to the class. It inspired other students to come forth and begin reading books in front of the class. I’m pleased to announce that the Advanced group now has 6 members and they work together on 1st grade reading activities in the tent.

On Level: We are reading small, simple passages consisting of picture cues, sight words, blends, and rhyming words (beginning and ending letters recognized as the same). Comprehension is checked as students cut the illustrations to the story and paste them in sequential order. They’re isolating middle and ending sounds, adding missing letters in words.

Strategic Intervention: I’m seeing bigger gains and greater strides in my Strategic Intervention group. Learners are becoming more confident and they’re doing better in all inclusive activities. A couple of hard working, focused learners have progressed to On Level learning activities. My latest assessment indicates that many students have tripled the amount of letters learned from the end of the first quarter.

Common Core Morning Work & Independent Initiative: I have started working with them on fun, seasonal curriculum comprised of math and english. Right now, they need direct instruction and modeling. Some are able to work all the way through without me. I’m slowly shaping them into independent workers. They’re getting their own glue. We have moved from glue sticks to liquid glue, which is good for their gross motor skills benefitting their writing. They’re transitioning to music now by cleaning up their own workspaces on a musical deadline taking on more responsibility.

Social Skills and Collaboration: With regard to real world application, being able to collaborate and negotiate compromise are important life skills. On Fridays, students choose their own centers to work at. My ground rules are that no more than 6 students may occupy one center at a time. I ask that no more than 4 students may read in the tent with their reading puppies. They have to use their own words to negotiate with others to trade centers. I prompt them with a ringing bell after 5 minutes for those who aren’t making those social exchanges so that everyone is switching stations.

Wishing you an amazing break cherishing this time with family. I’m taking my son to Costa Rica and will bring back some interesting artifacts to share with your children for Show and Tell.

Pura Vida!


Nature Spy


Literature Genre: Nonfiction Literature 

What can we learn about nature when we look closely?
Amazing Words: Discover, spy, nature, pod, pattern, and acorn.

“College Talk”

Learning group members are each given a role in creating their sentences. Students choose the noun(s), verb, preposition, and sight words that they want to use. I write their sentence on the board and the entire class helps me label the words. The learning group reads their sentence aloud indicating the capitalization of the first letter at the beginning of the sentence by clapping. The screeching brake sound is to indicate their punctuation mark, which they chose themselves, telling us they’re ending the sentence.

Writing Stations 

Students are reading and writing 39 sight words. Once they’ve demonstrated proficiency in all 39 words, they’re permitted to create sentences. Then the mechanics of writing a sentence comes into play. Students who are working hard are really excelling in their Composition Books. I’m really excited for them.




Sight Word List: I, am, the, little, to, a, red, blue, have, is, purple, yellow, we, my, like, green, at, as, orange, he, for, white, in, it, brown, me, with, she, pink, by an, can, black, see, look, gray, and did.

Play Based Centers: Sight Word Bowling, Picture & Word Stamps (write in missing middle letter), Spelling Puzzles, Our 1st Little Readers, Beginning Sounds (fill in missing first letter of each word with picture), and Alphabet Puzzles.

A learning team proud of finishing their alphabet puzzle by problem solving together as a team. They shared the work and used their class time wisely. Way to finish!



Parents & Pastries

Thank you parents and caregivers for coming in and visiting with us. The kids love sharing their world as students with you. They’re very proud to have you in the classroom alongside us. Thank you PTSO for all of your help, we couldn’t do it without you!

More activities as of this week and last..

Christmas Art Projects

Consonant Blends & Story Sequence Worksheet 

Rhyming Families Story with Comprehension Questions 

See you at the Christmas Program on Thursday!

Pete the Cat – The First Thanksgiving

Literary Genres

Historical Fiction – Class discussion on the fiction vs the historical events in the book.




Informational Text

Vocabulary Words: Buds, blossoms, petals, stems, and seeds.


1980s Pop Art Genre – Thanksgiving Pop Art

Collaborative alpha card contest among the tables.

Read and Sequence: Read the story aloud together (sight words included) and highlight only the blends. Cut and paste the sequence of pictures that retells the story in 4 chronological sequences.

Reading Comprehension and Rhyming Families: Read the story aloud together. The sentences are mostly CvCs and sight words. We answer the comprehension questions and circle the middle and ending rhyming sounds. Example: At family – cat, sat, hat, mat, Pat, etc.

Sight Words: I, am, the, little, to, a, red, blue, have, is, purple, yellow, we, my, like, green, at, as, orange, he, for, white, in, it, brown, me, with, she, pink, by an, and can.

Kinder Essential and Supportive Vocabulary for 1st Grade: Question, sentence, detail, author, how, character, what, illustration, when, and illustrator.

College Talk: Learning how to speak in complete sentences. Deciding on the verbs, nouns, and prepositions to use in our sentences. Students take turns saying a complete sentence and using nonverbal cues to indicate capitalization and punctuation marks. Students clap per each supportive detail.

Preposition Flip Book

Daily Fix It: Capitalizing proper names such as Monday, January, etc.


Sight Word Bowling/Continental Geography: Using the rug, students line up on the right continent for sight word bowling. Africa, Australia, Asia… Don’t fall into the ocean!

Alpha Puzzles – Requires teamwork and problem solving.

Middle Letter Stamps – CvCs

Frog and Toad Short and Long Vowel Sort

Characters & Setting Sort

Writing Stations

Have a great break!!!! 


Smash! Crash!


Morning Work: Reader’s Notebook

Good Morning on The Rug : Calendar role reversal as they read the calendar to me and I write on the board. Concepts in ordinal numbers: What is the first day of the week? What is the first day of the month? Second, third, etc.

Our First Little Readers – Please have your children read these to you and keep in their decorated box.

Sight Words: Red, have, is, blue, we, and, my.

Daily Sight Word Sentences

Alpha/Sight Word Speed Rounds

Review Punctuation Marks: Question mark, period, and exclamation mark.

Daily Fix It: Capitalizing the first letter of a word to being a sentence and the punctuation mark needed to end a sentence.

Kinder Essentials and 1st Grade Supportive Vocabulary Words: Ask, answer, and ending.

Vowels/Short & Long Sounds (review), Blends (review & seatwork) and Digraphs (intro & white board participation): Songs, white board modeling and participation, seatwork, and games in centers.

Generating Rhyme Game with Word Families

Song for Smash! Crash!

Amazing Words for Smash! Crash! – dud, fabulous, proper, signals, perfect, and pirates.

Smash! Crash! Discussion after the book on: The author, illustrator, main idea, characters, plot, and how to retell a story in detail.

Punctuation Mark Headbands: Concepts in classifying and categorizing. Students grouped up all by themselves based on what punctuation mark was on their headbands. Students provided me with a head count per each categorized group.

Miss Ryan’s Story Time: A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue

Literacy Centers With Free Choice Fridays: All-inclusive for social skills building, progressive self-management skills, and increasing academic confidence.

The Memory Game (upper/lowercase letter matches)

Sight Word Bowling

Clip It! Middle sounds – building consonant vowel consonant words.

Secret Spies! Phonics decoded CVC words.

Strategic Intervention: Alphabet cookie puzzle and ABC alpha transformers.

Advanced: Fry Word Quiz Game – Around the World

Advanced : Natural Reader Reading Passages (with multiple choice questions for comprehension checks).

Writing Stations – Leveled in Groups 

Rotating: Flip Books (isolated letters)/Writers (Aa-Zz)/Composition Books

Advanced will go directly to composition books – sight words, first and last name, alphabet, and sentences in some cases.